1. Alpha as Fuck.

    Due Process. Now funded by Indie Fund.

    Might be my love for heist movies, or that I just ran through the Ocean’s Trilogy a couple days ago.

    If you haven’t already, you really should be subscribed to the indie fund blog.

  2. IndieGamer comes to a close.

    And so we end this project.

    And in its place, something new will come.

  3. Oculus Rift

    Finally got to try it out at dev@pulse.

    My my, we’ve come far, haven’t we? A new version is on the horizon, so I’ll be grateful that I’ve experienced this devkit version at the least.

    I played aaaaa and a stationary demo. Really neat to be able to turn 360 degrees around to see what was around me.

    Still heavier than I would like, and it got fairly warm. Hmm… fans? Or just a lighter and less bulkier version?

    I wonder if there is a way to have it work with people with corrective lenses in the future… or would I just have to get contacts/lasik for the full experience? The screen part of the Rift can click out for people with glasses, but that made the surrounding meatspace leak into the magical game world.

    Definitely a good enough product.

  4. Tomb Raider - QTE

    Why? Sometimes, I like to play huge games to see where they’re struggling.

    Quick Time Events can be done right. An example of what not to do is when you have to mash left and right, and then suddenly cut into a QTE where a precise left or right movement is required. Luckily, I was pressing the correct button when the prompt came up.

    Dear Tomb Raider team: Play more Uncharted for more insight.

  5. Gone Home Developer Commentary

    It’s extremely good, as well as super nostalgia-inducing. Definitely worth it.

  6. New trailer for Quadrilateral Cowboy. As always, very excited.

  7. Was About To Do A Max Payne Runthrough

    But nope, now I’m stuck trying to figure out a fix as to why this isn’t just running.

    The joys of PC Gaming, brought to you by Steam.

    And this is why, consoles have yet to die out.

    But then again, the console gamers don’t know what they’re missing out on…

    The games of the 90s are alive on PC.

  8. Spelunky AND Papers Please

    It’s like Christmas in August.

    So many notes.

  9. The Last of Us - Tutorial

    What an interesting way to teach the player how to shoot a gun in this game.

    And now that I’m thinking about, maybe I shouldn’t have. Bullets are probably going to be pretty limited.

  10. The Cave

    There’s a reason why I’m beginning to not like Double Fine games. And it started with Brutal Legend.

    Sure, art direction is fantastic. Settings are just absurd and awesome. Acting, dialog, ALL ASTOUNDING.

    But the actual game part has never been quite 100%.

    Maybe it’s systemic with adventure games as a whole, and it’s this genre that I don’t particularly enjoy. I never got into those epic Lucasarts games that the older gamers fawn over. Maybe this is it.

    Backtracking in this game gets to be annoying. I need to be in the right place with the right item with the right character… at least have some way to warp from one character’s location to another.

    Control is a little bit mushier than I would like, especially for a platformer.

    Whatever, it’s Last of Us time anyway.